Consultation 50 RON
Consultation and treatment plan 100 RON
Package cleaning: ultrasonic scaling and cleaning 200 RON
Air Flow (one arcade) 50 RON
Fluoride with gel or varnish on both arches 50 RON
Hypersensitivity teeth treatment / tooth 50 RON
Dental bleaching (includes treatment for hypersensitivity teeth) 900 RON
Composite veneer per tooth / teeth frontal 300 RON
Ceramic veneer / tooth 1250 RON
Composite obturation (grade I or superficial preparation) 100 RON
Composite obturation (grade II or moderate preparation) 120 RON
Composite obturation (grade MOD or deep preparation) 150 RON
Root treatment 1 channel 400 RON
Root treatment 2 channels 450 RON
Root treatment 3-4 channels 550 RON
Retreatment 1 channel 450 RON
Retreatment 2 channels 500 RON
Retreatment 3-4 channels 600 RON
Endodontic drainage 100 RON
Periodontal abscess drainage 100 RON
Root planing in closed field on half arcade 300 RON
Root planing in closed field on an arcade 600 RON
Root planing in open field / tooth 150 RON
Temporary immobilization of mobile teeth on half arcade 150 RON
Temporary immobilization of mobile teeth on an arcade 300 RON
Temporary immobilization of mobile teeth on both arches 500 RON
Crown ablation / element 60 RON
Model for study 60 RON
Bruxism tray 300 RON
Whitening tray / arch 200 RON
Temporary acrylic crown 200 RON
Temporary acrylic crown on the implant (the abutment included) 900 RON
Weiser crown acrylate / composite (Cr-Ni) 250 RON
Weiser ceramic crown (Cr-Ni) 350 RON
Ceramic on metal crown 600 RON
Ceramic on Zirconium crown 1000 RON
Full ceramic crown 1300 RON
Ceramic on metal crown on implant 1000 RON
Metal post 200 RON
Fiberglass post 250 RON
Ceramic veneer 1400 RON
Ceramic Inlay / onlay 900 RON
Acrylic partial denture 1-3 items (Kemeny) 450 RON
Acrylic partial denture 900 RON
Acrylic complete denture / arch 1100 RON
Flexiplast prosthesis 1300 RON
Biodentplast prosthesis 1400 RON
Skeletal prosthesis with special systems 3500 RON
Acrylic complete denture on implant / arch 3000 RON
Abscess incision 100 RON
Gingivectomy / tooth 50 RON
Pericoronitis treatment 100 RON
Alveolitis treatment (Gelaspon or Neocones) 100 RON
Temporary tooth extraction 80 RON
Monoradicular extraction 100 RON
Pluriradicular extraction 150 RON
Extraction of wisdom tooth 350 RON
Wisdom tooth extraction half included 450 RON
Wisdom tooth extraction subgingival included 500 RON
Wisdom tooth extraction bone included 600 RON
Root amputation 300 RON
Apicectomy 550 RON
Cystectomy 600 RON
Apicectomy and cystectomy 1000 RON
Ridge regularization 1000 RON
Guided bone regeneration (addition of bone) 1600 RON
Sinus lift 3200 RON
Medigma dental implants (abutment included) 1800 RON
Dentis  dental implants (abutment included) 2500 RON
Nobel dental implant (abutment included) 4500 RON
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